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Work takes place on Thursdays and Saturdays most weeks, with work starting at 9 am and continuing to middle or late afternoon. Saturday is the main work day. Contact if you want to be added to a volunteer email list.

When volunteering onsite for the first time, ask for construction supervisor Jeff Flam. Be sure to sign a volunteer waiver. Also, record your hours at the end of each day that you work.

Tools you could bring if you want to use your own: nail apron, hammer, tape measure, pencil, speed square, chalk line. All of these items are available at the site, but if you would prefer to use your own that would be fine. Any other tools you may need to use at the build site are available at the site. Do NOT bring pneumatic nailers to the site. They will be provided when applicable.




Pictures from 2016



Pictures from 2013


MTU and Houghton students in the early stages of construction



Justin Dove carries shingles as he helps to build his future home.

Elizabeth traveled from Iowa to visit familty in L'Anse. While in L'Anse, she helped to shingle the roof.


Pictures from 2012

exterior is done - early August


roofing in early July

boom truck makes truss raising much easier--thanks to McGann's

students from MTU help raise walls


early June